Waterproof SPC Vinyl Flooring China

Spc flooring is an upgrade of luxury vinyl tiles , It Is special designed with click interlocking system.

100% virgin material.

SPC vinyl flooring is extremely durable,having very high resistance against dents and scratches,which is a major issue with solid wooden flooring.Well installed and adequately maintained,the can last up to 25 years or more, widely used for residential and public environment.


SPC Flooking Advantage:

- Click joint system, which means a glue-less install for an easy transition in any space.

- Environmental protection, save the hardwood, save the forest.

- Sound absorption&Soundproof, it is sound insulation can deaden the noise of the room.

- Waterproof & Firebrick, It is water repellent, so the water could not penetrate into the floor.

- Anti-corrosion&long life time, provide the industry with better products and maintenance free for clients .

- Anti-slippery,Slip resistance make it more suitable for kids&the aged family,dance room and badminton court.

-Anti-scratch&Stain repellent, High quality wear layer making it exceptionally stain and scratch resistant.

-Good foot feels, They are warmer underfoot than traditional tile or stone.

- Easy install and maintain, reduces the cost of labor force, economic choose for residential and commercial

- Eco-friendly, no noxious or chemical component.

- NO swelling when exposed to water.

- Durable, will not expand or contract, very stable.

- No need for transition strips, no underlayment required, reduces minor issues with flatness of the sub-floor and add to a more realistic appearance.

- OEM available

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Post time: Apr-26-2020